Here are some links I frequently use and/or find myself directing people to, culled from my bookmarks and auto-completes on my browser. I hope they’re useful! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if any of them have gone down or changed URLs.

1 Using & Interrogating (Historical) Corpora
Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary
Lexicons of Early Modern English (LEME)
Middle English Dictionary Online
VARD 2, spelling normalisation software for Early Modern texts
Ubiqu+ity (Docuscope Online)
Serendip+ity (Visualizing Topic Models)
Various readings & resources for early modernists & beyond from Early Modern Digital Agendas 2013
Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English, VARIENG OA e-series
Oxford Text Archive
Corpus Research Database, University of Helsinki

2 Ways of Accessing EEBO(TCP) (See my devoted blogpost about ways of accessing EEBOTCP)
Text Creation Partnership
The History of Early English Books Online
Using Early English Books Online
EEBO-TCP documentation
EEBO-TCP Tagging Cheatsheet: Alphabetical list of tags with brief descriptions
Text Creation Partnership Character Entity List

Early English Books Online (EEBO): JISC historical books interface (UK, paywall, free access at the British Library Reading Room)
Early English Books Online (EEBO): Chadwyck-Healey interface (outside UK, paywall)
Internet Archive Early European Books
The Dutch National Library has off-site access, including full EEB (European books), ECCO (18C), TEMPO (pamphlets), for members, 15€/yr. Register online:

EEBO-TCP Texts on Github (downloadable)
UMichigan TCP repository
UMichigan EEBO-TCP full text search
University of Oxford Text Archive TCP full text search
Mirror of ECCO-TCP (18thC, via eMOP
Visualizing English Print corpora (plain-text, cleaned, computer-friendly versions of EEBO-TCP phase 1, curated for specific purposes)

EEBO-TCP Ngram reader, concordancer & text counts
CQPWeb EEBO-TCP, phase I (and many others)
(Video guide to CQPWeb:
BYU Corpora front end to EEBO-TCP

English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC)
Universal Short Title Catalogue (USTC)
A database of early modern printers & sellers culled from the eMOP source documents
Items in the English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC), via Hathitrust;c=247770968
LUNA, Folger Library Digital Image Collection
The Folger Digital Anthology of Early Modern English Drama

Sarah Werner’s compendium of resources, incl digitised early books
Laura Estill’s Digital Renaissance wiki page covers online book catalogues, digitised facsimiles, early modern playtexts online, print and book history, etc
(see also her very thorough guide to manuscripts online
Claire M. L. Bourne’s Early Modern Plays on Stage & Page resource list:

Large Digital Libraries of Pre-1800 Printed Books in Western Languages
The University of Toronto has a large number of Continental Renaissance text-searchable books online
30+ digitised STC titles at Penn (free to use, from their collection),%20title_sort%20asc

UCSB Broadside Ballads Archive
Broadside Ballads Online

Old Bailey Corpus Online (Also available on github:; use the OBC interface to query

3 Shakespeare and other early modern plays online
WordHoard (Shakespeare’s corpus, highly annotated, queryable)
Open Source Shakespeare
Folger Digital Texts
Folger Digital Texts API
Folger Digital Texts Character Chart (Hamlet; others available)
Folger Digital Texts Witness Scripts (Hamlet; others available)
Database of Early English Playbooks
Shakespeare His Contemporaries (Mueller, 2015)
VEP Corpus of Early Modern Drama (metadata)
A Digital Anthology of Early Modern English Drama (Folger Shakespeare Library, in progress)

4 Corpus query tools (more on using corpora here)
200+ Software resources for corpus work
AntConc (concordance software)
BYU Corpora
(Video guide to CQPWeb:
Linguistic Data Consortium
Regular Expression Cheatsheets,
Log-likelihood calculator
Normalizing Word Counts (calculate parts per million or parts per ten thousand)
Natural Language Processing Toolkit
ggplot2 documentation

5 Mailing lists I like & follow
The Historical Sociolinguistics Network
Historical Corpora List
London Renaissance Seminar
Mimas Zetoc (publication aggregator; UK only)
Data is Plural
Culture Study
The Audacity

6 Blogroll
Language Log
Strong Language
The Many-headed Monster (Social history in Early Modern England)
Wine Dark Sea (Visualising English Print blog)
Scalable Reading (Martin Mueller’s blog):
Texture: Text n Tech (Anupam Basu’s blog)
Early Modern Notes (Sharon Howard’s blog)
In The Medieval Middle
Blogroll of active Early Modern blogs
Bibliographies for various topics concerning gender & sexuality

7 Web voices I read regularly Front Page
The Verge
People I follow on Twitter

8 Other resources
500+ women who code, a twitter list
300+ women in data science, another twitter list
A list of women in data visualisation
Word frequency lists in Old English
BBC script library

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